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Install lfc_page within lfc_init_simple

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 from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
 # lfc imports
+from lfc.models import Application
 from lfc.models import Portal
-from lfc.models import Page
 from lfc.models import WorkflowStatesInformation
+# lfc_page imports
+from lfc_page.models import Page
 # portlets import
 from portlets.models import Slot
 import workflows.utils
 from workflows.models import State
 from workflows.models import StateInheritanceBlock
-from workflows.models import StatePermissionRelation
 from workflows.models import Transition
 from workflows.models import Workflow
 from workflows.models import WorkflowPermissionRelation
 # utils imports
 from lfc.utils.initialize import initialize
+from lfc.utils import import_module
 from utils import WELCOME_DESCRIPTION
         portal.standard = page
+        import_module("lfc_page").install()
+        try:
+            Application.objects.create(name="lfc_page")
+        except Application.DoesNotExist:
+            pass
         considered global and can be used within any text editor field.
-    site = models.ForeignKey(Site, verbose_name=_(u"Site"))
     title = models.CharField(_(u"Title"), blank=True, max_length=100)
     standard = models.ForeignKey("BaseContent", verbose_name=_(u"Page"), blank=True, null=True)


     return {
         "language": language,
         "tabs": tabs,
-        "portal": lfc.utils.get_portal(request),
+        "portal": lfc.utils.get_portal(),