Another permissions issue - deleting object

Issue #44 resolved
Maciej Wiśniowski
created an issue

Another issue I've found.

I have page: 'page1' and it's subpage: 'child1'.

User with role 'Editor' has only permission to 'Edit' and 'View' both pages (page1 and child1).

Unfortunatelly when 'Editor' enters 'page1'->'Childrens' tab, he is still able to delete 'chidl1'.

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  1. Maciej Wiśniowski reporter

    Sorry, I've messed things a bit. My subobject had 'Delete' permission set for Editor role. I've checked this again and this works. The problem now is with Paste. If you have Page with no permission to 'Add' for your user, then this user is still able to Paste objects into this Page.

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