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diefenbach/django-lfs-0.7 django-lfs-0.7

some fixes and improvements

  1. Radim Novotny avatarRadim Novotny
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Comments (3)

  1. Kai Diefenbach repo owner

    Thanks for the pull request!

    I have some concerns:

    when we add the image to the order detail page (I'm not sure whether we should at all on the management interface), the SKU should have column of its own and the other columns of a row should be vertical aligned to the top.

    I actually don't like the different colors per state on the order overview, as the state is already displayed within an own column, but I like the idea to have a class per state, so that integrators are able to provide there own css if they want.

    What do you think?

  2. Radim Novotny author

    If it is not a major problem I'd like to leave the product image in the management interface. It helps me to make quick overview of the ordered products. I'll add another column for the image and set the vertical alignment.

    I will remove the provided CSS for order overview from the lfstheme.

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