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Fixed typos in docs; issue #193

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File docs/developer/howtos/how_to_add_own_payment_methods.rst

                 "next_url": self.get_pay_link(),
-        def get_create_order_item(self):
+        def get_create_order_time(self):
             return PM_ORDER_IMMEDIATELY
         def get_pay_link(self):
   current cart are available as instance variables::
-    self.cart (only when get_create_order_item returns PM_ORDER_ACCEPTED)
-    self.order (only when get_create_order_item returns PM_ORDER_IMMEDIATELY)
+    self.cart (only when get_create_order_time returns PM_ORDER_ACCEPTED)
+    self.order (only when get_create_order_time returns PM_ORDER_IMMEDIATELY)
 * When an external payment processor redirects to LFS the current order is still
   in the session. This means you can redirect to an own view and set the order