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File lfs/core/templatetags/

 # lfs imports
 import lfs.catalog.utils
+import lfs.core.utils
 import lfs.utils.misc
+import logging
 from lfs.caching.utils import lfs_get_object_or_404
 from lfs.catalog.models import Category
 from lfs.catalog.settings import CONFIGURABLE_PRODUCT
 from lfs.catalog.models import Product
 from lfs.catalog.models import PropertyOption
 from lfs.catalog.settings import PRODUCT_TYPE_LOOKUP
-import lfs.core.utils
 from lfs.core.models import Action
 from import Page
 from lfs.shipping import utils as shipping_utils
+logger = logging.getLogger("default")
 register = template.Library()
 def currency(value, request=None, grouping=True):
+    Returns the currency based on the given locale within settings.LFS_LOCALE
     import locale
     locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'de_CH.UTF-8')
     currency(123456.789)  # Fr. 123'456.79
     shop = lfs.core.utils.get_default_shop(request)
         result = locale.currency(value, grouping=grouping, international=shop.use_international_currency_code)
-    except ValueError:
+    except ValueError, e:
         result = value
+        logger.error("currency filter: %s" % e)
     # add css class if value is negative
     if value < 0:
         return ""
 def do_category_product_prices_gross(parser, token):
     Calculates needed gross price of a product for the category view.