postgresql syncdb problem

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Andrey Perliev
created an issue

I got an error when tried to syncdb on the new project with with empty db (postgresql via psycopg2).

psycopg2.InternalError: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

I made some investigation and found that problem in file lfs/export/

try: Script.objects.get( module=method.module,

when I inserted a=a[1] (nonexistent element fires up error) just before Script.objects.get, all works fine. Script.objects.get for unknown reason creates a sql statement at cursor buffer, but don't execute it (I wrote some prints in django/db/backends/ and this broken things out.

I have no idea why its happens, may be django bug or something else... python 2.6, postgresql = 8.3.8,psycopg = 2.0.8, ubuntu 9.04

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