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django-lfs / Quickstart

summary How to install LFS on Linux or Unix


This document is for Unix and Linux operating systems. For other operating systems please search for your OS in the current wiki pages. If there is not yet one for your OS we would love you to write one.

This product is pre-alpha and under heavy development and there will be essential changes in the next couple of weeks.

That said it would be great if you would install and test LFS. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Don't hesitate to contact us via <a href=="">our contact form</a> if you run into troubles installing LFS.

Installation via buildout

Optionally, create a virtual python environment:

  1. $ virtualenv --no-site-packages lfs_python
  2. $ source lfs_python/bin/activate

The following steps will install a complete LFS with all bells and whistles:

  1. $ hg clone
  2. $ cd lfs-buildout-quickstart
  3. $ python
  4. $ bin/buildout -v
  5. $ bin/django runserver
  1. open http://localhost:8000 within your browser
  2. open http://localhost:8000/manage within your browser

Optionally, run the unittests:

  1. $ bin/django test core