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What is it?

This is the development buildout script for LFS. 

It will create a complete developement evironment for LFS. 

LFS is an online shop based on Python, Django and jQuery.

How to use it?

1. Check it out from bitbucket
    $ hg clone

2. Change to the directory

    $ cd lfs-buildout-development
3. Bootstrap buildout

    $ python
4. Run buildout

    $ bin/buildout -v
5. Enter your database settings into lfs_project/

6. Sync your database

    $ bin/django syncdb
7. Initialize LFS

    $ bin/django lfs_init

8. Start server

    $ bin/django runserver
9. Browse to LFS

More Information

* `Official page <>`_
* `Documentation on PyPI <>`_
* `Releases on PyPI <>`_
* `Source code on <>`_
* `Google Group <>`_
* `lfsproject on Twitter <>`_
* `IRC <irc://>`_

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