Georg Brandl committed d1aebb4

Closes #863: improve analyse_text of Python and Numpy lexers

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     def analyse_text(text):
-        return shebang_matches(text, r'pythonw?(2(\.\d)?)?')
+        return shebang_matches(text, r'pythonw?(2(\.\d)?)?') or \
+            'import ' in text[:1000]
 class Python3Lexer(RegexLexer):


                 yield index, token, value
+    def analyse_text(text):
+        return (shebang_matches(text, r'pythonw?(2(\.\d)?)?') or
+                'import ' in text[:1000]) \
+            and ('import numpy' in text or 'from numpy import' in text)
 class RConsoleLexer(Lexer):
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