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Tag Commit Date Download
tip 0828f22
1.6 7c962dc
1.6rc1 2c262bf
1.5 eff3aee
1.4 8ad6d35
1.3.1 3a3846c
1.3 c628677
1.2.2 580c5ce
1.2.1 f6e5ace
1.2 bae0833
1.1.1 dd81c35
1.1 5a794a6
1.0 a574874
0.11.1 13834ec
0.11 63632d0
0.10 942ecbb
0.9 634420a
0.8.1 066e56d
0.8 1054522
0.7.1 d0b08fd
0.7 99df0a7
0.6 11efe99
0.5.1 e7691aa
0.5 6f53364
Branch Commit Date Download
default 0828f22
issue-937 f76a4e9
fixed-vim-literal-strings 950ff3d
feature/makefile-highlight fa3ad3d
ColdFusionScriptCFC 46ae13c
add_mql_lexer 9e67f34
igor-pro-changes-v2 bc8c05f
kotlin 293a57e
stof/gherkin_table_escaping 443cf0f
712-coffeescript-fat-arrow 32643bd
fix-873-ruby-hash-symbols 1e9250b
webhat/upgraded-python-and-_mappingpy-no-longer-1383601429319 e5ddbd8
dflock/monokaipy-edited-to-add-highlighting-sup-1382146721225 c23ae59
fix/pygments-lexer-ExtendedRegexLexer-get_tokens_unprocessed_undefined-statestack-variable 53e6a52
help 289f289
fix-typo-in-lexers-mapping-header d673ef1
fix-options 1c3ce42
scottmac/webpy-edited-online-with-bitbucket-1374244558016 6b1b3a8
scottmac/add-binary-number-tokens-for-php-1374244102726 ddbd065
viml-autocmd 0929ab6
Zearin/in-builtin-components-put-filters-before-1374175433213 406136a
fix-racket-lambda 1e1e56c
agilbert/fix-a-typo-wrong-website-1373559184766 2044e00
elixir-non-greed-single-quote 0144564
roskakori/simplified-debugging-of-endless-loops-in-1370182352684 3bb61a2
joshuarh/use-the-python2-symlink-for-python-2-1368815078140 8d18a5d
issue-805 7483aa7
llvm-ptx-cc 94e643c
Haxe3 2241189
Haxe-rewrite 2a6be98
Haxe 55950ae
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