Kamil Kisiel avatar Kamil Kisiel committed 6b5d013

Added support for \[ .. \] block-level syntax

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         result1 = re.findall(tracmathjax.WIKI_RE, test_str1)
         self.assertEqual(result1, [r'$$ \alpha $$'])
+    def test_displaymath_brackets(self):
+        test_str1 = r"foo \[ \alpha \] bar"
+        result1 = re.findall(tracmathjax.WIKI_RE, test_str1)
+        self.assertEqual(result1, [r'\[ \alpha \]'])
 if __name__ == "__main__":


 MATHJAX_DIR = "MathJax"
 MATHJAX_JS = "MathJax.js"
-WIKI_RE = r"(?P<mathjax_inline>\\\(.*?\\\)|\$\$.*?\$\$)"
+#: Wiki syntax regular expression
+WIKI_RE = r"(?P<mathjax_inline>\\\(.*?\\\)|\$\$.*?\$\$|\\\[.*?\\\])"
 class TracMathJax(Component):
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