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dilos-userland / dilos-userland_how_to_contribute

How to contribute to dilos-userland for DilOS.

(This instruction for DilOS:

Contributing process is using bitbucket features.
You can read more here: (How to use 'fork' and 'pull').

  • Send mail from bitbucket form to 'dilos' account (To:) with subject 'I want to contribute'
    I'll add you to dilos-userland-review project.
  • Create BUG or Feature on dilos-userland project
  • Clone dilos-userland-review and add/update component

NOTE: I'll accept one commit for one component.
If you need update more components at one commit - please let me know before your commit.

  • Commit your changes to your fork

NOTE: you can to have more then one commit for one component
For example: you have commited your chanegs and forget update component version.
You can do next commit with update component version in file 'component.ver'

  • 'create pull request' your local commits to dilos-userland-review
    With this step you have to update BUG with revision number and move BUG state to 'on hold'
  • Wait notifications on maillist 'dilos-dev' about build result: Failed or Success

NOTE: If you have 'Failed' notification of build - you have to check your build on new build env and provide new commit.
Your commit after 'Failed' notification will be 'backout' from dilos-userland-review project

If you have 'Success' notification of build:

  • check your new DEB component from test APT repo.
    You have to add repo on top on your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb du-unstable main contrib non-free

and run commands:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install <your package>
$ <test you package>
$ sudo apt-get uninstall <your package>

You have to make sure that your package will be installed and uninstalled without problems

  • If all works well - you need update BUG with revision from dilos-userland-review and move state to 'Resolved'.

I'll update dilos-userland from dilos-userland-review every week - on weekend - and publish packages from 'du-unstable' to 'dilos-unstable' APT repo.

About IPS repo. Have no automatied process yet - update possible bu hand will be run with moving packages from du-unstable to dilos-unstable.