# Magnum # # Getting Magnum # You can get the latest development version of Magnum from bitbucket at https://bitbucket.org/dimajix/magnum # Supported Platforms # Magnum supports a variety of Windows and Linux platforms. Implementing support for other *NIX variants shouldn't be too hard either. You can find build and installation instructions in INSTALL.md # Running Magnum # Currently there are some executables generated in the installed/bin folder and lots of unittests in installed/unittests. Before running an executable, you need to setup the LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly to point to installed/lib There are some common startup options shared by all executables. These include * `--magnum.debug.printprops=true` Will show all system properties. * `--magnum.debug.level=all` Will turn on maximum debug level * `--magnum.debug.output=stderr` Will redirect all debug output to stderr * `--magnum.logging.root.level=all` Will turn on maximum logging level * `--magnum.logging.root.output=stderr` Will redirect logging to the console # License # The Magnum framework is released under a modified LGPL 2.1 version. Please read the files LICENSE_LGPL.txt and LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt for further details.