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Magnum / Changelog.txt

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Changelog for Magnum, (C) Copyright 2002-2007 by Kaya Kupferschmidt

+ Added feature
* Changed feature
- Removed feature
! Fixed bug

Version 0.5 02/30/2007
Again this release is a developer release. The most notable new feature
is the integration of full reflection used for scripting.
+ [xml] Added XmlEncoding class

Version 0.4 12/06/2006
This release is a pure developer release. It contains many changes,
most notably the new build system (scons) together with a new
directory structure. Also included is a new reflection (unfisihed)
and some major refactorings of classes.
* Switched to scons as build system
+ [script] Added Label class
+ [script] Added Value class
+ [script] Added X86Assembler class
+ [script] Added X86Program class
+ [script] Added BinaryProgram class
* [script] Moved Program from system to script
* [script] Moved Assembler from system to script
+ [io] Added TeeWriter class
+ [io] Added TeeReader class
+ [io] Added TeeOutputStream class
+ [io] Added TeeInputStream class
+ [object] Added Runnable interface class
* [object] Changed Referenceable to use Allocators
+ [object] Added StandardAllocator class
+ [object] Added Allocator interface class
+ [object] Added Aspect base template class
+ [object] Added AnyPointer class for holding interfaces
* [object] Changed AutoPointer and Pointer to use common base class PointerBase
+ [xml] Added DefaultHandler class
+ [xml] Added LexicalHandler interface class
+ [xml] Added EntityResolver interface class
+ [xml] Added DeclHandler interface class
+ [xml] Added ContentHandler interface class
+ [xml] Added AttributeList class
+ [xml] Added Attribute class
+ [xml] Added XmlReader class
+ [dom] Added DocumentWriter interface class
+ [dom] Added DocumentReader interface class
+ [dom] Added Location class
+ [dom] Added Comment class
+ [dom] Added Text class
+ [dom] Added CharacterData class
+ [dom] Added CDataSection class
+ [dom] Added Attribute class
+ [dom] Added Element class
+ [dom] Added Entity class
+ [dom] Added DocumentFragment class
+ [dom] Added DocumentType class
+ [dom] Added Document class
+ [dom] Added Group class
+ [dom] Added Node class
+ [dom] Added new DOM package (subset of w3c DOM)
+ [locale] Added AsciiEncoding, AsciiEncoder, AsciiDecoder class
+ [locale] Added CEncoding, CEncoder, CDecoder class
+ [locale] Added Encoding interface class
+ [locale] Added Decoder interface class
+ [locale] Added Encoder interface class
+ [locale] Added new Locale package
+ [io] Added ASCIIPropertyReader class
+ [io] Added ASCIIPropertyWriter class
+ [io] Added ASCIIReader class
+ [io] Added ASCIIWriter class
+ [io] Added PropertyReader interface class
+ [io] Added PropertyWriter interface class
* [gui3d] Changed Root class internals (now uses a top level Container)
+ [gui3d] Added Constraints class
+ [gui3d] Added BoxLayout class
+ [gui3d] Added StaticLayout class
+ [gui3d] Added SimpleLayout class (which emulates old behaviour)
+ [gui3d] Added Layout interface class
* [gui3d] Renamed View to Widget
* [gui3d] Renamed Context to Painter
+ [graphics3d] Added ResourceManager class
+ [graphics3d] Added AppearanceManager class
+ [graphics3d] Added AppearanceFactory class
+ [object] Added Factory template class
+ [text] Added Base64 class
+ [text] Added NumberFormat class
+ [text] Added DateFormat class
+ [text] Added Format interface class
+ [text] Added RegularExpression class
+ [text] Added Expression interface class
+ [io] Added BinaryWriter class
+ [io] Added BinaryReader class
* [io] Renamed DataOutput to Writer and changed it to an interface class
* [io] Renamed DataInput to Reader and changed it to an interface class
+ [graphics3d] Added ColourComponent class
+ [graphics3d] Added CumpReflectionComponent class
+ [graphics3d] Added ReflectionComponent class
+ [graphics3d] Added TextureComponent class
+ [graphics3d] Added ShaderComponent class
+ [graphics3d] Added CompoundShader class
- [graphics3d] Removed fixed function pixel- and vertex shader classes
+ [object] Added UUID class
+ [debug] Added Profileable interface class
* [object] Changed PropertyList to use a list instead of an Array
+ [base] Added throwing_cast
+ [graphics] Added Gradient class
+ [io] Added IffReader for reading all kinds of IFF chunked files
! [graphics3d] Fixed various bugs in TranslatorLWO
- [graphics3d] Removed LightStack class
+ [graphics3d] Added ClippingPlane class
+ [object] Added Referenceable class (which replaces same functionality in Object)
+ [object] Added DeepCloner class
+ [object] Added ShallowCloner class
+ [object] Added Cloner interface class
+ [object] Added Cloneable interface class
* Changed attach/detach semantics to set semantics at most places
+ [object] Added Waitable class (which replaces wait / notify functionality of Object)
+ [debug] Added StackTracer class
+ [graphics3d] Added MeshValidator class
* [graphics3d] Changed Appearance to be more const-correct
* [object] Changed Pointer and AutoPointer to be const-compatible
+ [types] Added Traits template class
* [object] Exception now inherits Throwable instead Object
+ [object] Added Throwable and Error classes
+ [graphics3d] Added clone functionality to many classes
! [graphics3d] Fixed TriangleStriper from crashing
+ [graphics3d] Added front- and backside material support
+ [graphics3d] Added write functionality to TranslatorJPG
+ [graphics3d] Added TempGL class for easily creating a temporary OpenGL context
+ [graphics3d] Added transparency support in OBJ loader
+ [graphics3d] Added PixelBuffer class for using OpenGL pbuffers
+ [net] Added HttpServerConnection class
+ [net] Added HttpServer class
+ [net] Added HttpOutputStream class
+ [net] Added HttpConnection class
* [graphics3d] Renamed Camera::setProjectionPlane to Camera::setViewPlane
+ [physics] Added class ParticleSystem
+ [physics] Added class Particle
+ [gui] Added Cursor class and corresponding methods in View and Window
+ [io] Added ResourceDirectory
+ [io] Added ResourceFileFactory
! [base] Finally fixed vsscanf for Windows
! [graphics] Fixed some bugs in TranslatorHDR
+ [graphics] Addd Image::subImage for extracting rectangular parts of an Image
+ [io] Added ResourceFile for accessing Windows resources without ArchiveEXE
+ [io] Added ArchiveEXE for accessing Windows resources
+ [gui] Added PopupWindow class
* [gui] Changed init and exit code of Window class and removed unneeded messages
+ [gui] Added OpenGL::setFormat for setting a complete PixelFormat
+ [graphics3d] Added Context::getFormat for retrieving the pixel format of the backbuffer
+ [graphics3d] Added PixelFormat class
+ [graphics3d] Added class Glew in order to control the initialisation of GLEW
+ [graphics3d] Added multisampling support to Context class
+ [graphics3d] Added multisampling support to FrameBuffer class
+ [gui] Added multisampling support to OpenGL view
+ [application] Added ScreenSaver class
+ [application] Added Application::getProgramName
+ [gui] Fleshed out Screen class
* [base] Changed String::sscanf to use a custom implementation on Windows
* [graphics3d] Speeded up rendering on cards that support VBOs as an ARB extension

Version 0.3 01/27/2006
The new core features of this version are: A functional media framework
and some HTTP client functions. Plus lots of bugfixes mainly concerning
memory leaks. See the list below for further details.
! [geometry] Fixed Frustum-AlignedBox intersection test
* [gui3d] All string-controls now increase the reference counter of their font.
+ [graphics3d] Added PhongShader and TexturePhongShader classes
+ [graphics3d] Added separate specular highlights to FixedShader
+ [graphics3d] Added default appearance to OBJ loader
+ [graphics3d] Added OFF Translator for reading OFF files
! [graphics3d] Fixed bug in bounding-box calculations of FrameModels
! [geometry] Fixed bug in Transform::rrotate
! [graphics3d] Fixed crash in optimised RenderStreams
! [graphics3d] Removed memory leak in optimised StaticModel
! [graphics3d] Removed memory leaks from Translator3DS
! [container] Fixed missing destructor calls in Set and Map 
! [container] Removed memory leak from PriorityHeap class
! [container] Removed memory leak from Heap class
! [container] Removed memory leak from Map class
! [container] Removed memory leak from Set class
! [container] Removed memory leak from List class
! [container] Removed memory leak from Cache class
+ [object] Added aissgnement operators to AutoPointer
+ [system] Added cycle method to Thread
* [io] Added special case to InputBuffer for single byte requests
* [io] Added special case to InputBuffer for large requests
+ [io] Added OutputBuffer for buffering output streams
+ [net] Added HttpInputStream class
+ [net] Added HttpClientConnection class
+ [net] Added HttpClient class
* [io] Changed IO classes to make use of EndOfFile on reads
+ [io] Added EndOfFile to File and InputStream
+ [system] Added Atom class for atomic increments / decrements
+ [net] Added HttpVersion class
+ [net] Added HttpResponse class
+ [net] Added HttpRequest class
+ [net] Added MimeHeaders class
+ [net] Added URL class
+ [media] Added ReaderWAV for reading uncompressed WAV files
+ [media] Added ReaderOGG for decoding Ogg Vorbis streams
+ [media] Added Reader class
+ [application] Added Application::getEnvironment and Application::setEnvironment
* [io] Changed IO routines to support 64bit file sizes
* [base] Removed unnecessary includes from windows.h by appropriate #define's
+ [system] Added wait with timeout to Signal
* [media] Reworked media framework
* Added better support for Visual Studio 8.0 C++ compiler
! [base] Fixed String::sprintf

Version 0.2 - 12/29/2006
+ [scene3d] Added PickTraverser for picking
+ [geometry] Added line intersection routine to space
* [scene3d],[object] Moved Attachments from scene3d to object
! [graphics3d] Fixed bug when creating colliders with 16bit indices
+ [graphics3d] Added preliminary transparency support
+ [input] Added P5 Glove support
+ [application] Added Signals / Slots a la Qt
+ [container] Added template specialisation for single-Allocator
! [geometry] Improved Frustum-intersection tests
+ [graphics3d] Added basic intersection implementation to Model class
+ [graphics3d] Added intersection interface for picking in Model class
+ [graphics3d] Added PerspectiveCamera
* [graphics3d] Changed Camera class into a virtual base class
+ [graphics3d] Added renderAxes to GeometryRenderer class
* [graphics3d] Moved Location type from ParameterBuffer to ParameterFormat
+ [graphics3d] Added basic transparency support to 3DS loader
! [geometry] Fixed insertion-bug in Space
+ [graphics3d] Added ForegroundLayer class
+ [graphics3d] Added SolidBackground class
+ [graphics3d] Added BackgroundLayer class
+ [graphics3d] Added Layer class
+ [graphics3d] Added LayerGroup class
+ [graphics3d] Added Viewport class
+ [scene3d] Added Viewport class
+ [graphics3d] Added updateBounds and updateCollider to Model class
* [geometry] Added culling optimisation to Frustum
+ [geometry] Added triangle-line intersection
+ [math] Added Limits class (ala STL limits)
- [geometry] Degeneralised Frustum class to three-dimensional case
+ [geometry] Added colliders
+ [geometry] Added sphere-line intersection
+ [geometry] Added box-line intersection
+ [geometry] Added alignedbox-line intersection
+ [geometry] Added cube-line intersection
+ [input] Added base classes for tracking
+ [scene3d] Added attachments

Version 0.1 - 11/02/2006
+ Initial release of Changelog
+ [scene3d] Added deep-clone for scene3d Scene-Graph