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Installation of Magnum

I. Getting Magnum

You can get the latest released version of Magnum from 

You can also access the Subversion repository directly 
and get the latest development version. The Subversion 
repository is located at

In order to checkout the latest Subversion repository
into a directory called 'magnum', you simply need to 
	svn co svn:// magnum

Next time you can easily update your working copy by 
	svn up
from within the magnum directory, which was created
by the checkout above.

II. Prerequisites

In order to install and use Magnum, you need the following

1. Install a supported Compiler
    - Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1
    - Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0

2. Python 2.4 or better
    You can download the most recent version of Python

3. SCons 0.96.94 or better
    You can download the most recent version of SCons

III. Building and Installation

After you have downloaded Magnum and installed all its 
prerequisites, you can simply build Magnum by typing
on a command line shell from within the root directory
of Magnum. This will build the framework and all
derived programs and install them into the subdirectory

You can get a list of valid build options by typing
	scons.bat -h