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Issue #2 resolved
Michael Diamond repo owner created an issue


  • Multi-tiered cache (Issue #1)
  • Consider disown-ing background tasks - not sure if this is necessary or beneficial
  • Avoid cat in favor of using Bash to read (; ...; done <$file)
  • Consider avoiding a mktemp'ed directory, possibly encoding $USER and/or $$ in the path
  • Consider sqlite or some other backing store (likely not in V1)
  • Avoid find where feasible (already in progress in 76e730b9)
  • Consider alternative to current heredoc syntax, such as using 'single-quotes' and breaking out as needed ('$foo'"$bar"'$baz' -> $foo...$baz)
  • No need for in "$@" in for loops

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Diamond reporter
    • disown-ing tasks doesn't appear necessary, advice is pretty consistent that (foo &) does what we need (1, 2, 3)
    • Stopped using cat and subshells to read files in d056eed2
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