This gem is deprecated. It used to be part of ProfileGem core but was extracted into a separate gem as it's unnecessary and overly complex. It may be deleted in the future.

This gem provides an extensible cron deployment utility, allowing you to define useful jobs per-gem, then configure which jobs should be run per machine, and generate crontabs dynamically.

  • pgem_cron_info: Outputs information about ProfileGem's cronjobs, particularly the PATH value it will use, and the list of available jobs you can enable.
  • PGEM_JOBS=...: Set this in your to a space-separated list of jobs ProfileGem is aware of to include these jobs in ProfileGem's generated crontab.
  • pgem_cron_out: Prints the crontab to stdout for review.
  • pgem_cron_user: Writes the ProfileGem cron jobs to the user's crontab, essentially pgem_cron_out | crontab.
  • pgem_cron_etc: Writes the ProfileGem cron jobs to /etc/cron.d/, preserving the users crontab.

By default all jobs are disabled, however any jobs specified in $CRON_GEM_JOBS will be enabled for the current machine. This allows gems to define complex or potentially conflicting jobs, and let individual installations easily enable the jobs they need.

Copyright 2012-2016 Michael Diamond

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