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Bitbucket Backup

Bitbucket Backup is a backup tool which backups all your Bitbucket repositories to your local machine.

How does it work?

Bitbucket Backup uses the Bitbucket API to get a list of all your repositories.
Then, it uses Mercurial and/or Git (which need to be installed on your machine if you have at least one repository of the given type) to clone every repository into your local backup folder (or just pull the newest changes if it already is in your local backup folder).
It also checks for each repository, whether it has a wiki (which is a repository itself). If yes, that will be automatically cloned/pulled as well.

DISCLAIMER: Git support is still very unstable.
For now, it works on my machine with Git 1.7.7 (but not on another machine with Git v1.6.5.1, for example). It definitely needs improvement.


To install Bitbucket Backup on your machine, just run the setup.
When you run Bitbucket Backup the first time, it will ask you for your Bitbucket username and password, and for the backup folder (must be an existing folder on your local machine).
After that, Bitbucket Backup will run without user interaction, but you can re-enter your data any time by pressing SPACE on startup.

Please note that Bitbucket Backup assumes that you have the Mercurial and Git executables in your %PATH% variable.
(depending on the version, Git may come with a git.exe AND a git.cmd - it doesn't matter which one is in the %PATH%, Bitbucket Backup will find both)

How to build

To create a release build, just run build.bat or build-setup.bat in the main folder.

  • build.bat will create a new folder named release\bin with the compiled exe and all necessary files.
  • build-setup.bat will do the same, and create a release\msi folder with a MSI setup.

Please note that WiX needs to be installed on your machine in order to build the setup file. We are using WiX 3.5 at the moment, which you can download here.
The build script assumes that the bin subfolder of the WiX installation folder is in your %PATH% variable.
For more information about how to build the setup, see the readme file in the wix subfolder.


Bitbucket Backup makes use of the following open source projects:

The logo is based on a floppy icon from Wikimedia Commons.


Bitbucket Backup is licensed under the MIT License. See License.rtf for details.