Zhang Huangbin avatar Zhang Huangbin committed 90d69c8

Disable per-user ldap address book by default.
Add new mail domain in cluebringer policy group: internal_domains.

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 INSERT INTO checkhelo (id, policyid, name, useblacklist, blacklistperiod, usehrp, hrpperiod, hrplimit, rejectinvalid, rejectip, rejectunresolvable, comment, disabled) VALUES (1, 3, 'Enable HELO/EHLO check', 1, 2419200, 1, 2419200, 5, 1, 1, 0, 'Enable HELO/EHLO check on inbound by default', 0);
+    # Add first mail domain to policy group: internal_domains
+    cat >> ${tmp_sql} <<EOF
+INSERT INTO policy_group_members (PolicyGroupID, Member, Disabled) VALUES (2, '@${FIRST_DOMAIN}', 0);
     # Initial cluebringer db.
     # Enable greylisting on all inbound emails by default.
     if [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"OPENLDAP" -o X"${BACKEND}" == X"MYSQL" ]; then


     postconf -e smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient='yes'   # Default
     postconf -e smtpd_sender_restrictions="permit_mynetworks, reject_sender_login_mismatch, permit_sasl_authenticated"
     postconf -e delay_warning_time='0h'
-    postconf -e policy_time_limit='3600'
     postconf -e maximal_queue_lifetime='1d'
     postconf -e bounce_queue_lifetime='1d'
     postconf -e recipient_delimiter='+'
     postconf -e smtpd_tls_cert_file="${SSL_CERT_FILE}"
     postconf -e smtpd_tls_CAfile="${SSL_CERT_FILE}"
     postconf -e tls_random_source='dev:/dev/urandom'
-    postconf -e tls_daemon_random_source='dev:/dev/urandom'
     if [ X"${DISTRO}" == X"SUSE" ]; then
         perl -pi -e 's#^(POSTFIX_SMTP_TLS_SERVER=).*#${1}"yes"#' ${POSTFIX_SYSCONFIG_CONF}


     'fuzzy_search'  => true);
 // Personal LDAP address book.
 \$rcmail_config['ldap_public']["ldap_personal"] = array(
     'name'          => 'Personal LDAP Address Book',
     'hosts'         => array('${LDAP_SERVER_HOST}'),
     'filter'        => '(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)',
     'fuzzy_search'  => true);
 // end of config file
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