Robert Brewer committed 4b7657a

Fixed #1075 (MemcachedStringEncodingError when using memcached sessions storage type)

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 from warnings import warn
 import cherrypy
-from cherrypy._cpcompat import copyitems, pickle, random20
+from cherrypy._cpcompat import copyitems, pickle, random20, unicodestr
 from cherrypy.lib import httputil
         cls.cache = memcache.Client(cls.servers)
     setup = classmethod(setup)
+    def _get_id(self):
+        return self._id
+    def _set_id(self, value):
+        # This encode() call is where we differ from the superclass.
+        # Memcache keys MUST be byte strings, not unicode.
+        if isinstance(value, unicodestr):
+            value = value.encode('utf-8')
+        self._id = value
+        for o in self.id_observers:
+            o(value)
+    id = property(_get_id, _set_id, doc="The current session ID.")
     def _exists(self):
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