Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed c259b1c

Adding optional objgraph import to gctools.

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 import gc
 import inspect
+import os
+import sys
+    import objgraph
+except ImportError:
+    objgraph = None
+import cherrypy
 from cherrypy import _cprequest
                         "\nExpected %s to %s %r references, got %s." %
                         (minobj, maxobj, cls, lenobj))
                 for obj in objs:
+                    if objgraph is not None:
+                        gfile = os.path.join(
+                            os.getcwd(), "graph_%s.png" % id(obj))
+                        objgraph.show_refs(
+                            obj, extra_ignore=[id(objs), id(sys._getframe())],
+                            max_depth=4, too_many=20,
+                            filename=gfile)
                     output.append("\nReferrers for %s:" % repr(obj))
                     t = ReferrerTree(ignore=[objs], maxdepth=3)
                     tree = t.ascend(obj)
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