# AtomicParsley ## Basic Instructions If you are building from source you will need autoconf & automake (you will definitely need make): % ./ % ./configure % make Use the program in situ or place it somewhere in your $PATH by using: % sudo make install ### Dependencies: zlib - used to compress ID3 frames & expand already compressed frames available from ## For Mac OS X users: The default is to build a universal binary. switching between a universal build and a platform dependent build should be accompanied by a "make maintainter-clean" and a ./configure between builds. To *not* build a Mac OS X universal binary: % make maintainer-clean % ./configure --disable-universal % make ## For Windows users: AtomicParsley builds under cygwin and/or mingw using the same procedure as above. Foosatraz built in Windows 8 using MinGW. MinGW-get version 0.6.2-beta-20131004-1 mingw-libz version 1.2.8-1 from MinGW Installation Manager % ./ % ./configure --prefix=/mingw % make LDFLAGS=-static % strip AtomicParsley.exe Full details [pdf]( To build with MSVC, you will need to create your own project file; look at the list of source files in; you need to add all of the source files *except* the .mm files. You will also need to provide your own zlib. If you don't want to build it yourself, [Jon Hedgrows' fork ]( maintains pre-built Windows binaries of the Wez fork: [Windows Downloads](