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moin-2.0 / .hgignore

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Thomas Waldmann
update .hgignore and MANIFEST.in, exclude virtualenvs for misc. python implementations/versions
Fabio Montefuscolo
ignore content from ^wiki/index
Ronny Pfannschmidt
add downloadcache to .hgignore
Thomas Waldmann
hgignore: ignore wikiconfig_*.py
Thomas Waldmann
add MANIFEST.in, fix .hgignore
Thomas Waldmann
create moin/2.0 repo, drop all history (see notes below) Up to now, we used the moin/2.0-dev repository (which was cloned from another, older moin repo quite some time ago). Over the years, these repositories got rather fat (>200MB) and were a pain to clone over slow, high-latency or unreliable connections. After having finished most of the dirty work in moin2, having killed all the 3rd party code we had bundled with (is now installed by quickinstall /…