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Mathieu Pillard
Fix merge issues and trailing whitespace
Mathieu Pillard
Update hg missing command description
Mathieu Pillard
Merge from ssh://
-T short arg for --no-tags
Christoph Rissner
added test running with hg graft
Christoph Rissner
tests: using python2 as interpreter
Christoph Rissner
contains: support for mercurial 2.0 'graft' command
run_tests: set HGPLAIN to disregard my .hgrc
Mathieu Pillard
Add an option to filter empty commits
Mathieu Pillard
Allow filtering by initial branch
Mathieu Pillard
Add 'file' filter to only show missing changesets that modified a specific file
Mathieu Pillard
Implement a "reverse" options for missing command, to show changesets in reverse order
Mathieu Pillard
Add options to filter 'missing' command by user or description.
using deques instead of lists, just because it feels better
templateopts for headscontaining() and missing()
added test invoker script
moved tests to subdir
missing: option to ignore changesets that only tamper with .hgtags
_collect_changesets() follows nodes that are transplanted to the same branch
test_contains: added test for 'transplant on top of transplant source' scenarios
test_inverse_rev_order: added docstring
contains: doesn't check the relation of rev numbers, transplant sources might be pulled into the repo later
added test for the revno inversion scenario
using util.Abort() to abort
added tests for hg missing -M did some refactoring (fixing bugs I somehow missed...)
removed -r as short form for --revno
missing: added --no-merges option
missing: sorting output by (revno, date)
using GPLv2 or later
fixed typo in cmd table help text
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