William Deegan committed 5abc8ba

doc fixes for release. needs some updating to not remove <xml> and the start entity
(transplanted from 6ecb8fff47dcbd511a8b9956b84ea4d4e4cb9540)

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     <!ENTITY sconf SYSTEM "sconf.xml">
     <!ENTITY separate SYSTEM "separate.xml">
     <!ENTITY simple SYSTEM "simple.xml">
+    <!ENTITY start SYSTEM "start.xml">
     <!ENTITY sourcecode SYSTEM "sourcecode.xml">
     <!ENTITY tasks SYSTEM "tasks.xml">
     <!ENTITY tools SYSTEM "tools.xml">


-  <chapter id="chap-start">
-    <title>Basic steps and advice</title>
-    &start;
+   <chapter id="chap-start">
+     <title>Basic steps and advice</title>
+     &start;
   <chapter id="chap-simple">


         'CXX': '$CC',
         'CXXFILESUFFIX': '.cc',
         'CXXFLAGS': ['$(', '/TP', '$)'],
         'DSUFFIXES': ['.d'],
         'SHCCFLAGS': ['$CCFLAGS'],
         'SHCFLAGS': ['$CFLAGS'],
         'SHCXX': '$CXX',
         'SHCXXFLAGS': ['$CXXFLAGS'],
         'SHELL': None,
         'SHLIBPREFIX': '',
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