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Gary Oberbrunner  committed a1b8087

release process: Fix deb filename to agree with what's actually generated.

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     if dh_builddeb and fakeroot:
         # Our Debian packaging builds directly into build/dist,
         # so we don't need to Install() the .debs.
-        deb = os.path.join(build_dir, 'dist', "%s_%s_all.deb" % (pkg, version))
+        # The built deb is called just x.y.z, not x.y.z.final.0 so strip those off:
+        deb_version = '.'.join(version.split('.')[0:3])
+        deb = os.path.join(build_dir, 'dist', "%s_%s_all.deb" % (pkg, deb_version))
+        # print "Building deb into %s (version=%s)"%(deb, deb_version)
         for d in p['debian_deps']:
             b = env.SCons_revision(os.path.join(build, d), d)
             env.Depends(deb, b)