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Gary Oberbrunner  committed cad0cde

Fixed tests/scons-time/file.py.

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File QMTest/TestSCons_time.py

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 from TestCommon import *
 from TestCommon import __all__
+# some of the scons_time tests may need regex-based matching:
+from TestSCons import search_re, search_re_in_list
 __all__.extend([ 'TestSCons_time',

File test/scons-time/func/file.py

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 test.run(arguments = 'func --file st2.conf --fmt gnuplot')
-test.must_contain_exactly_lines(test.stdout(), expect2, find=TestSCons.search_re_in_list)
+test.must_contain_exactly_lines(test.stdout(), expect2, find=TestSCons_time.search_re_in_list)