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- switched argument type of fs_delete and _clean_targets to bool (was int before)

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File src/engine/SCons/Script/

 class CleanTask(SCons.Taskmaster.AlwaysTask):
     """An SCons clean task."""
-    def fs_delete(self, path, pathstr, remove=1):
+    def fs_delete(self, path, pathstr, remove=True):
             if os.path.lexists(path):
                 if os.path.isfile(path) or os.path.islink(path):
             result = [t for t in self.targets if not t.noclean]
         return result
-    def _clean_targets(self, remove):
+    def _clean_targets(self, remove=True):
         target = self.targets[0]
         if target in SCons.Environment.CleanTargets:
             files = SCons.Environment.CleanTargets[target]
         for t in self._get_files_to_clean():
             if not t.isdir():
                 display("Removed " + str(t))
-        self._clean_targets(0)
+        self._clean_targets(remove=False)
     def remove(self):
         for t in self._get_files_to_clean():
                 if removed:
                     display("Removed " + str(t))
-        self._clean_targets(1)
+        self._clean_targets(remove=True)
     execute = remove