The SCons Logo

The SCons Logo

Projects and companies that use SCons are encouraged to incorporate the SCons logo on their websites, brochures, packaging, and elsewhere to indicate the usage of SCons.

Currently, the logo is available in several variants in the SVG format.

The 3D version of the SCons coin was created using Blender 2.49. The fonts used in the logos are "DejaVu Serif" (Bold, Bold Semi-Condensed) and "DejaVu Sans".

Guidelines for Use

All rights to use are held by the SCons Foundation, which is responsible for defending against any damaging or confusing uses of the logo. All the material presented in this repository is put under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-NC-SA). Please check the metadata/comment section of each single file, for more infos about the copyright holder and required attributions.

In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to indicate use of SCons. However, please ask first when using a derived version of the logo or when in doubt.

T-shirts and other Merchandise

SCons T-Shirts and other merchandise featuring the SCons logo can be purchased at Printfection (sales benefit the SCons Foundation). Please seek permission from the SCons Foundation if you are planning to sell merchandise that shows the SCons logo.