Problem with xi:include and dependencies.

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Paweł Tomulik
created an issue

Hi, I had a problem when used xi:include. If I try to generate HTML doc with SConscript as follows:

dbenv = env.Clone(['docbook'], DOCBOOK_PREFER_XSLTPROC = True)
dbenv.Append(DOCBOOK_XSLTPROCFLAGS = [SCons.Util.CLVar('--xinclude')])
manual_html_src = ['manual.xml']
manual_html_tgt = ['manual.html']
html_xsl = dbenv.arg2nodes('html.xsl')
manual_html = dbenv.DocbookHtml(manual_html_tgt, manual_html_src, xsl = html_xsl)
dbenv.Ignore('.', manual_html)
dbenv.AlwaysBuild(dbenv.Alias('user-doc', manual_html))

and put these tags to main.xml:

  <xi:include href="sec_1.xml"/>
  <xi:include href="sec_2.xml"/>

then scons won't compile the doc and displays

scons: *** [manual.html] Implicit dependency 'sec_1.xml sec_2.xml' not found, needed by target 'manual.html'

A slight modification to utils/xmldepend.xsl helped in my case. I attach a patch.

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