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Full commit
The original is the file posted to by Matthew Nicolson
2006-03-31.  Attached to this wiki page were two other files, both of which are included here:, and  Boehme's version seems to include many of
the changes in Reiners but many of Reiners changes are missing from Boehme.  It is not clear why Reiner's
changes have been reverted by Boehme.  it seems appropriate to merge in Boehme's directly rather than
Reiner's and then Boehme's.

Robert Smallshire in his email of supports the move to use
Boehme's version as the next iteration.  It may then be that a version he has can be merged in.

Apart from one change to the builder command line, Norton's version seems to be Boehme's version with all
the TAGFILE stuff removed.