SCons_experimental / src / engine / SCons / Tool / zip.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.

<!DOCTYPE sconsdoc [
<!ENTITY % scons SYSTEM '../../../../doc/scons.mod'>
<!ENTITY % builders-mod SYSTEM '../../../../doc/generated/builders.mod'>
<!ENTITY % functions-mod SYSTEM '../../../../doc/generated/functions.mod'>
<!ENTITY % tools-mod SYSTEM '../../../../doc/generated/tools.mod'>
<!ENTITY % variables-mod SYSTEM '../../../../doc/generated/variables.mod'>

<sconsdoc xmlns=""
          xsi:schemaLocation=" scons.xsd">

<tool name="zip">
Sets construction variables for the &zip; archiver.

<builder name="Zip">
Builds a zip archive of the specified files
and/or directories.
Unlike most builder methods,
builder method may be called multiple times
for a given target;
each additional call
adds to the list of entries
that will be built into the archive.
Any source directories will
be scanned for changes to
any on-disk files,
regardless of whether or not
knows about them from other Builder or function calls.

env.Zip('', 'src')

# Create the file.
env.Zip('stuff', ['subdir1', 'subdir2'])
# Also add "another" to the stuff.tar file.
env.Zip('stuff', 'another')

<cvar name="ZIP">
The zip compression and file packaging utility.

<cvar name="ZIPCOM">
The command line used to call the zip utility,
or the internal Python function used to create a
zip archive.

<cvar name="ZIPCOMSTR">
The string displayed when archiving files
using the zip utility.
If this is not set, then &cv-link-ZIPCOM;
(the command line or internal Python function) is displayed.

env = Environment(ZIPCOMSTR = "Zipping $TARGET")

<cvar name="ZIPCOMPRESSION">
from the Python
module used by the internal Python function
to control whether the zip archive
is compressed or not.
The default value is
which creates a compressed zip archive.
This value has no effect if the
module is unavailable.

<cvar name="ZIPFLAGS">
General options passed to the zip utility.

<cvar name="ZIPSUFFIX">
The suffix used for zip file names.

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