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Issue #3 invalid

call to Qrc4 returns wrong file name

repo owner created an issue

Originally reported https://launchpad.net/~comaddcor (Corni)

The following pseudo code: qrccc = env.Qrc4('card.qrc') print qrccc.name results in: qrc_cards.qrc but should give: qrc_cards.cc

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  1. dirkbaechle reporter


    when using the Qrc4() Builder directly, you are supposed to not specify a file suffix at all:

    qrccc = env.Qrc4('card')

    Please, have another look at the provided manual.



  2. dirkbaechle reporter


    Right, should have looked more closely at the manual.

    Would be nice if the usage was consistent to the Uic4 function though in that you could use it with Glob(*.qrc) but i guess that is not a must.

    Thanks for your quick answer.

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