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xmlwiko - This script generates XML files as input to ApacheForrest or Docbook from Wiki like input.
Inspired by WiKo (the WikiCompiler, it tries to simplify the setup and editing of web pages (for Forrest) or simple manuals and descriptions (Docbook).

v1.7 Dirk Baechle, <>, (2014-03-04)

1. Prerequisites

  • Python2.x, with distutils installed (package "python-devel" under SuSE SLES 10)

2. Installation

Change into the extracted/branched folder, get root (su) and execute the command

> python install

This should add the necessary Python modules and scripts to your local installation.

3. Usage

Calling the main script "xmlwiko" with the "-h" option displays the list of available commands. For more infos, read the usage message of "xmlwiko" or contact the author.

Have fun!