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xmlwiko - This script generates XML files as input to ApacheForrest or Docbook from Wiki like input.
Inspired by WiKo (the WikiCompiler, http://wiko.sf.net) it tries to simplify the setup and editing of web pages (for Forrest) or simple manuals and descriptions (Docbook).

v1.7 Dirk Baechle, <dl9obn@darc.de>, (2014-03-04)

1. Prerequisites

  • Python2.x, with distutils installed (package "python-devel" under SuSE SLES 10)

2. Installation

Change into the extracted/branched folder, get root (su) and execute the command

> python setup.py install

This should add the necessary Python modules and scripts to your local installation.

3. Usage

Calling the main script "xmlwiko" with the "-h" option displays the list of available commands. For more infos, read the usage message of "xmlwiko" or contact the author.

Have fun!