John Guidry avatar John Guidry committed 53dd0c4

Add plugin subrepo for inline CSS color highlighting

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 .vim/bundle/vim-javascript = [git]
 .vim/bundle/nerdcommenter = [git]
 .vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim = [git]
+.vim/bundle/css-color = [git]
 9895285042a2fd5691b2f6582aa979e4d1bdffea .vim/bundle/ack.vim
+b93466cebbe5fea317248161065a1e26b379c4ba .vim/bundle/css-color
 4d5b39c0cf005bc48e6d5916e631c0b444ebc419 .vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim
 d92c8b01248d612444829001b3e081629d37a1aa .vim/bundle/minibufexpl.vim
 baa453aad84bbdb999c9d75915886244b98c39f3 .vim/bundle/nerdcommenter
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