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John Guidry  committed 698f805

1. Add CtrlP for fast file jumping
2. Use autocmd to set working directory to dir of current file

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File .hgsub

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 .vim/bundle/minibufexpl.vim = [git]https://github.com/fholgado/minibufexpl.vim.git
 .vim/bundle/vim-javascript = [git]https://github.com/pangloss/vim-javascript.git
 .vim/bundle/nerdcommenter = [git]https://github.com/scrooloose/nerdcommenter.git
+.vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim = [git]https://github.com/kien/ctrlp.vim.git

File .hgsubstate

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 9895285042a2fd5691b2f6582aa979e4d1bdffea .vim/bundle/ack.vim
+4d5b39c0cf005bc48e6d5916e631c0b444ebc419 .vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim
 d92c8b01248d612444829001b3e081629d37a1aa .vim/bundle/minibufexpl.vim
 baa453aad84bbdb999c9d75915886244b98c39f3 .vim/bundle/nerdcommenter
 205367ab3f46dcc88b6ebb819a276e793a21e995 .vim/bundle/nerdtree

File .vimrc

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 let g:html_indent_script1 = "inc"
 let g:html_indent_style1 = "inc"
-filetype off
+" CtrlP file finder settings
+" Remap to avoid clobbering autocompletion
+let g:ctrlp_map = '<Leader>f'
+" Sane ignore settings
+let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = '\.git$\|\.hg$\|\.svn$\|node_modules$' 
 " To disable a plugin, add it's bundle name to the following list
 let g:pathogen_disabled = []
 set statusline+=%{(&fenc!='utf-8'&&&fenc!='')?'['.&fenc.']':''}
 set statusline+=%*
-set statusline+=%h      "help file flag
-set statusline+=%r      "read only flag
-set statusline+=%m      "modified flag
+set statusline+=%h " help file flag
+set statusline+=%r " read only flag
+set statusline+=%m " modified flag
-set statusline+=\    " Space.
+set statusline+=\  " Space.
 " Line and column position and counts.
 set statusline+=(line\ %l\/%L,\ col\ %03c)
-set statusline+=\    " Space.
+set statusline+=\      " Space.
-set statusline+=%=      "right align.
+set statusline+=%=     " right align.
-set statusline+=%{&ft}                                  "filetype (python).
+set statusline+=%{&ft} " filetype (python).
 " Begin scroll three lines from edge 
 set scrolloff=3
     autocmd BufEnter *.ctp set syn=php
   augroup END
+  autocmd BufEnter * if bufname("") !~ "^\[A-Za-z0-9\]*://" | lcd %:p:h | endif