John Guidry avatar John Guidry committed c5f3000

Ditch vividchalk scheme, add jellybeans

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 .vim/bundle/vim-pathogen = [git]
 # Colorschemes
-.vim/bundle/vim-vividchalk = [git]
 .vim/bundle/vim-colors-solarized = [git]
+.vim/bundle/jellybeans.vim = [git]
 # Motion
 .vim/bundle/vim-matchit = [git]
 f91295d92a472261cc892d7d9b20331f936462da .vim/bundle/css-color
 b5d3fe66a58a13d2ff8b6391f4387608496a030f .vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim
 b85a986c09b12f4709401ed5d720cb79d29c7573 .vim/bundle/fugitive
+c173b85f7a99f3ccc1956040957dc279aa523a8c .vim/bundle/jellybeans.vim
 0b3d928dce8262dedfc2f83b9aeb59a94e4f0ae4 .vim/bundle/nerdcommenter
 dec1f840fb226f6d42b0d4200e8485e64fadaa2a .vim/bundle/tagbar
 fa5fdeeea25269c3e83262c03dfa1ccd27dbd3c9 .vim/bundle/vim-align
 75b9896cbf7a2a3302ba22cc0dabd864763c6972 .vim/bundle/vim-javascript
 8f8665e04fe377a25bbed29abf13ea66a1a0c129 .vim/bundle/vim-matchit
 f195ac5e402a1e7d0f75322558da36245dde59d6 .vim/bundle/vim-pathogen
-fd696065c7b27e8fca91907ba51151a887c36803 .vim/bundle/vim-vividchalk
 set cursorline            " Highlight current line
 filetype plugin indent on
 set t_Co=256
-colorscheme solarized
-set background=dark
+colorscheme jellybeans 
+"set background=dark
 let g:indent_guides_start_level = 2
 let g:indent_guides_guide_size = 1
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