Enable these field for use in individual_en-us.vit

Issue #144 resolved
Former user created an issue

These fields are needed to create a pattern to fit an individual. When name, description, gui-text are entered in english, and the ignore='true' attribute removed, Valentina generates error message that these fields are not in scope:

  1. front_upper-bust_arc
  2. back_upper-bust_arc
  3. front_upper-hip_arc
  4. back_upper-hip_arc
  5. front-neck_to_upper-chest_height
  6. front-neck_to_bust_height

Comments (3)

  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    First, you can't use "-" in name. Math parser don't understand such names. Solution can be use names like this: "back_upper-hip_arc". But need check.

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