Future feature: Technical Packs

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Future feature:

Add a module to generate Tech pack drawings and paperwork for a pattern.

This book seems to have most of the forms: The Vendor Compliance Handbook http://www.amazon.com/Vendor-Compliance-Handbook-David-Secul/dp/0974101141

More discussion here on providing tech packs & patterns & samples with measurements & grading rules to manufacturers: http://www.fashion-incubator.com/archive/vendor_compliance_handbook_1/

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  1. Susan Spencer

    I met with Saral Kocher founder of http://www.techpacker.com/ in Hongkong. He is interested in working with us to develop API to feed data & patterns from Valentina into Techpacker app. Techpacker is free, similar to github business model. Users only pay for private repo.

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