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Felix Ulber created an issue

And yet another one :) On Windows us use Alt+Tab to quickly change between running Applications. Thats an extremely convenient shortcut I could not live without (and that has fortunately adopted by at least KDE on Linux :) On Windows 7 I experience a strange thing: most of the time, but not everytime, Valentina just does not appear in the switching list, though it is open and visible in the task bar. Didn't experience that on Windows 8.1 yet.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    I just checked in Internet and my own Windows 7 and can't reproduce this behaviour. Do you still experience this bug?

  2. Felix Ulber reporter

    For I was only debugging and testing I did not have that scenario of switching between valentina and other programs lately. And it really occured irregulary.. I will watch and see. And do some research if that can be something related to Qt.

  3. Felix Ulber reporter

    This doesn't seem to occur with the current build - closing for now and having an eye on.

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