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1) In your user manual: Measurements=>Measurements=>For Standard Measurements

It says “To modify a value, click twice on its containing cell and enter the new value.” This feature does not work for Standard Measurements but it does work for Individual Measurement. I think it is a good idea to not have this feature available for Standard Measurements and have it only available for Individual Measurements as it is now. Just remove this paragraph from your user manual.

2) The instruction for your Special point on shoulder is wrong and confusing.

It should say something like this:

This tool extends a line segment past one of its endpoints. This extension starts from the second end point used to define the line segment and ends on a new point. The tool will attempt to place the new point at a specified distance from the first point you select as the reference point. However, if the distance.... all the rest is okay

a) Select the tool
b) Select the first point which will be used as a reference for the distance to the new point.
c) Select the first point on the line segment.
d) Select the second point of the line segment. Note: the new point will be extended from this line segment and the distance will be from the first point.
e) In the dialog box.... all the rest is okay

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I've asked Roisin to edit the wiki manual to address these issues. When she creates a Bitbucket account in a few days (she's travelling) she'll update the wiki.

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