New tool: Rotate Point(s)

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Susan Spencer created an issue

Rotation of points is a very important aspect of patternmaking.

It's used in making darts and many other patternmaking methods.

The tool would prompt for a center point (rotation point), the point to be rotated, an angle, and direction (clockwise, counterclockwise).

It would be best if the angle could be specified as either an angle in degrees, or a function which returns the angle of a vector given by three points. e.g. -

angle(A1, A, A2) where A is the center point of the vector, and A1 & A2 are on 'rays' of the vector, the angle is < 180

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi, i think in version 0.5. Rotation, symetry and details all are very important for us too.

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