Measurement file not found when opening pattern and measurement file exists

Issue #353 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

On Ubuntu 14.04 4 bit laptop, build 16c6c5c543e0 dated 2015/09/10:

The file new_susan.vit is in the directory '/home/susan/valentina/measurements' Valentina Preferences shows that the individual measurements path is '/home/susan/valentina/measurements'

When opening file testpattern2.val (attached) and individual measurement file new_susan.vit (attached) this message appears:

'The measurements file /home/susan/valentina/Measurements/new_susan.vit could not be found. Do you want to update the file location'

When I click on 'Yes' the correct directory 'home/susan/valentina/measurements' opens

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    the individual measurements path is '/home/susan/valentina/measurements'

    Valentina will use that path only if you open dialog Open file.

    Each a pattern file know path to a measurement file. You misunderstand the preferences.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    So it's reading the directory from the pattern. Yes, it is.

    I know one reason why your idea is bad

    The file new_susan.vit is in the directory '/home/susan/valentina/measurements'

    What if in the folder '/home/susan/valentina/measurements' i have many folders and in each i have the file new_susan.vit which file should i take?

  3. Susan Spencer reporter

    I agree that valentina.exe should read the directory from the pattern.

    The issue will occur mostly when users share patterns.

    And it occurs when I move patterns from one computer to another, since my path preferences are slightly different. One of my computers has 'Measurements' and the other has 'measurements'. Linux is case sensitive. Not a problem for Linux to Windows, but a pattern moved from Windows to Linux triggers the message.

    So this is my mistake, it is not a problem, the program is operating properly.

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