New feature: Marker and Yardage Calculator

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Susan Spencer created an issue

Add feature to calculate a Layout based on fabric width.
A Layout on fabric is called a 'Marker'.
User indicates if fabric has a 'nap' (one-way direction) or a 'repeat' (horizontal stripe, vertical stripe, or plaid (both horizontal and vertical)).
User indicates in Detail mode the grainline of each workpiece.
The workpieces are arranged so that each workpiece's grainline matches the grainline of the fabric.
Once the Marker is generated, the yardage can be calculated and displayed.

Ideas, algorithms for achieving best results can be found in SVGNest javascript project:

It may be necessary to convert SVGNest into a C++ library or create our own library:
Issue #436 Create C++ Library for nesting SVG objects

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    The Marker features will have more constraints than the current Layout. in addition to the print Layout.

    • Pattern pieces must lie close together to minimize fabric waste
    • Pattern pieces must lie with a direction, where grainlines lie only in 3 directions:
      • fabric warp (length) direction
      • fabric weft (width) direction
      • fabric bias (45 degrees) direction
    • Pattern pieces may lie in the same one-way direction to accommodate fabric 'nap' texture and one-way-designs. [Top of pattern pieces all point one direction, affects all pieces regardless of Weft, Warp, or Bias grainline alignment]
    • The user has option to select the direction for each pattern piece, with a default of 'fabric warp (length) direction'
    • The user has option to select if the fabric has a 'nap'

    This means it may be best to build a separate application with detailed GUI dialog, etc.

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