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Issue #418 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

This is about standard measurements. Sometimes we create patterns that do not support gradation in all height and size combinations. Or we just not sure about correct work. When the program opens a pattern with standard measurements it checks which height and size set as default value. Previously it was value from a standard measurements. But now i made possible to save such a information inside a pattern file.

Additionally i made an option for Tape that allow to set default height and size in dialog "New measurements".

For example i have a file jacketМ6(30-110).val. I gave the file Valentina and she opened the file with wrong combination height and size (176/50). But how you see from the file name you should use size = 30 and height = 110. And now you can force the program to start with size = 30 and height = 110.

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