Union Tool Bug

Issue #460 wontfix
David Arnold created an issue

After creating a union saving and opening the file again, the following error is shown:


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  1. David Arnold reporter

    This buggy file was created with all the other pieces present (a rather huge file). The unioning has been done and the other pieces have been deleted in the xml directly.

  2. David Arnold reporter

    In this file I tried to narrow down the issue by commenting out some data. What I noted:

    • Some idObject is not present in the file, nowhere (it seems that it has not been saved?)
    • No children id of the union tool is actually present:

    I conclude, that some expected data has been lost at some point in time.

    Loosing data smells a bit to the file I opleaded where a point was dropped when adding seam allowance, but that can be coincidence also and be another bug. Actually the dropped point is there twice (it's the upper right corner of the left part; it's also te upper right corner of the second part.)

  3. David Arnold reporter

    This is a diff between:

    • Questionable pieces have been created but not yet united (the file which still loads)


    • Questionable pieces have been united (the file which doesn't load)
  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Don't make any suggestions, because all your suggestions is wrong.

    All i can tell you that your file is broken. And all i need to confirm the bug is a file for make unite, to know what details you unite and how do you unite. That's all.

  5. David Arnold reporter

    I tried to further isolate it, but wasn't able to. Maybe it is as you said, that the file has been broken before the union operation, but it does only manifest during the union operation. For preparation i tried to delete all details in the xml file directly and reproduce the error, but with a clean xml-detail, it didn't reproduce. There is still some entropy in this. However as this has been a normal working file with a lot of previous operations done to it, including to the source xml file, chances are, it is the result of any sort of handling error.

    Although not certain, I think probabilities are high, this is actually a user handling error and no bug.

    Sorry for not being able to provide you a file for proper reproduction :/

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