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Issue #466 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

From Roberto on Facebook:

"I'm trying to use Valentina to design patterns garments.... When i delete a curve the program exit with Error IMG 1 (on attached file) When i create the pattern (detail before the layer) of the pattern in IMG2 the program ignore some curves... as you can see in IMG 3"

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    The Error message indicates a problem with deleting a curve, so this issue is about deleting a curve and receiving the error message.

    The curve segment was defined from C to C3 (counter clockwise), so it shows as a straight line in Detail mode. The fix is to right click on the detail and select 'Options', select the curve from C to C3, and click the 'Reverse' box in the detail options dialog box.

  2. Barbara Weberkind

    This strikes me as an aspect if issue #186, 'smart deletion'.

    I guess the error happens because the deletion was not so smart and deleted a curve that something else was still using. In this case it was spline 104 in the 'calculation' section of the file, but that was still used in the 'modeling' section of the file.

    The current develop branch, 0.5.0, appears to be smarter, it simply doesn't allow deletion of the curve any more.

    Smart delete as in issue #186 would allow you to delete the curve, but would delete dependent objects with it.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    This bug is no more reproducible. Probably was fixed in one of commits. Checked with develop and release branch (future 0.4.5).

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