Measurement table cannot be edited in 0.5.0

Issue #495 closed
Timo Virtaneva created an issue


In the 0.5.0 version (MAC version) the Measurement table Create/Edit does not do anything visible. The measurement table cannot be edited.


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  1. Susan Spencer

    Create/Edit works properly on Linux 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04. I have attached an .mp4.

    I opened Valentina v050a, selected Measurements, selected Create/Edit.

    When Tape opened, I clicked on the New icon - The dialog box about measurement type (individual) and measurement unit (centimeters) appeared. I clicked OK.

    "untitled.vit" is displayed in the top status bar and there are no measurements listed.

    I clicked 'Add Known' in the menu bar - The measurement database dialog box appeared - I checked the 'height' box and clicked OK - The 'height' measurement was added to the untitled measurement file.

    I clicked on File/Save - The Save dialog appears and the default name of the file is 'measurements.vit'

  2. Susan Spencer

    I forgot to try to add a value to the height measurement. I added the value '20' to the height and saved. It worked properly for Linux 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04

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