Error in detail mode because auf wrong curve direction

Issue #512 closed
Holger Pandel created an issue

When you try to add a seam allowance to a part which consists of lines and curves, and some of the curves don't run in clockwise direction, the seam allowance is displayed wrong.

See attached pictures: The curve SplPath_TukL_TukR doesn't follow the overall path for the seam allowance in clockwise direction, as the curve SplPath_KlL_KlR does. As you can see in detail mode, the top curve is drawn correctly and the bottom curve is missing completely.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Open a detail's option dialog. Select SplPath_TukL_TukR in the list. Check Reverse and click Ok button.

  2. Holger Pandel reporter

    Mmhh, from your point of view, what are the advantages to have such a "feature" instead of having an algorithm which turns the curve, if needed, and draws the seam allowance always the right way? Perhaps I only don't get to grips for what it was meant for....

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Do you think i never tried to make such an algorithm? I did. If you can propose better solution great, because i don't see it.

    Form my point of view one curve can be added to the list where in first case in should be reversed and in other not. Especially hard to tell when path is broken.

  4. Holger Pandel reporter

    No offense, sorry, you misunderstood me!

    I really thought, you had a good reason for this and I'm the only one not getting! And as I have nothing to do with anything related to graphic programming I have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to detect the direction of a curve in relation to a whole path.

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