Error: Pattern System translation doesn't appear in Point tool f(x) dialogs

Issue #524 closed
Susan Spencer created an issue

Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

v0.5.0 test build

The Tape app shows the translation file for my preferred pattern making system, selected in Tape preferences.

But the Valentina app isn't showing the translation for my preferred patternmakig system, selected in Valentina preferences.

My translation file is attached. A screenshot of a Point tool, f(x) dialog with 'Measurements' radio button selected shows that the translations aren't appearing in the 'Full Name' column.

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    The pattern system translation in the Point tool formula dialog works in your environment but not in mine.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Let's again think what is different in your case. Because code is working just fine.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Looks like you are doing something wrong and i can't figure out what exactly.

  4. Susan Spencer reporter

    The user has only two things to do, I have done both:
    1. The Valentina preferences are set to 'Aldrich/men'
    2. The Tape preferences are set to 'Aldrich/men'

  5. Susan Spencer reporter

    Yes it is still a problem, the translations don't appear in the f(x) for Draw tool dialogs.

  6. Susan Spencer reporter

    When I make a new pattern, the Pattern System translation works in Tape and in Valentina.

    When I open an older pattern, the Pattern System translation works only in Tape, not it Valentina.

  7. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    When I open an older pattern, the Pattern System translation works only in Tape, not it Valentina.

    Are you sure that in this case you open the same application? Do you have Valentina installed in your system? Maybe deb package.

  8. Susan Spencer reporter

    Valentina/File/Preference = Aldrich/men (p41) Tape/Information/PM System = Aldrich/men (p41) Here's the video of 1. opening an old pattern. Tape is correct, Valentina incorrect. 2. creating a new pattern. Tape is correct, Valentina is incorrect.

    So the other day I thought it was working if a new pattern was created, but this video shows that the translation works in Tape but doesn't work in Valentina with a new pattern.

  9. Susan Spencer reporter

    Can you compile this for Ubuntu 64 bit so we can check that it works outside of the Qt environment?

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